Section Editors


SOUIZI Aziz                                                                  

All areas not covered by Section Editors 

Section Editors

DE OLIVEIRA J.A. Adilson                                        

Magnetism and Magnetic materials.

ERKOVAN Mustafa                                            

Surface chracterization techniques and Crsytallography

LIU Zhaosen

Computational physics, simulations for magnetic materials and nanosystems.

MAYO-GARCIA Rafael                                                     

Computational physics. 

ORLOVSKII Yurii                                                

Optical Relaxation Processes in the Rare-Earth Doped Solids area.


Atmospheric Aerosol Physics. 

YURTSEVEN Hamit                                                    

Raman Scattering, Phase Transitions in Molecular Crystal Systems, Liquid Crystals, Mean Field Theory.

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